Where is Osaki Massage Chair Made and Who Makes It?

Where is Osaki Massage Chair Made

Most massage chairs are made in America or China, but with some higher end massage chair brands, there tends to be some confusion in regard to where these chairs are actually made, especially when it comes to brands like Osaki. Unfortunately, there seems to be a stigma behind products made in China. There is a common misconception that products made in China are not of the same caliber as products made in America. In reality, many companies have their products produced in China simply because it’s a more affordable option.

Where is Osaki chairs made? Like many manufacturers, the chairs produced by Osaki are made in China. For many, this fact can be confusing since the company has a Japanese name. Currently, the company does have one chair that’s produced in Japan, called the Fujiiryoki OS4D pro massage chair. It’s also one of their top-selling chairs. However,  aside from the one model, the rest of the Osaki product line is engineered and produced in China. 

Now that you know where Osaki chairs are made, let’s find out exactly why these chairs are made overseas, while also learning more about the Osaki company itself and the other products they produce.

The Manufacturing Process

Most people believe that massage chairs that are made in America or Japan equal a better quality product, compared to chairs made in China. But it may surprise most people to learn that many products these days are actually made in China, even your favorite everyday products that you’ve been using for years.

When it comes to manufacturing a massage chair, you have to take into consideration:

  • Where the engineering takes place
  • Where the design takes place
  • Where the parts are created
  • Where the chair is assembled

It’s also actually very common for each step in the manufacturing process to take place in a different country.

In most cases, the entire process is completed in China. Osaki chairs are one hundred percent made in China. If you’ve recently purchased an Osaki chair, such as their leading model the Osaki OS-Pro Ekon zero gravity massage chair, then this may come as a surprise considering this is one of the top massage chairs on the market. But knowing where your chair was created doesn’t take away from its overall quality or add to it.

The only chair produced by Osaki that’s actually produced in Japan is their model the Fujiiryoki OS4D pro massage chair. This chair was designed, engineered, and assembled in Japan.

As you can see, the entire manufacturing process can be complex. Not every step of the production process is completed in the same factory or even the same country. With Osaki, it can be even more confusing considering Osaki is the name of a town that’s located in the SOO district in Kagoshima, Japan.

Why Are Many Massage Chairs Assembled or Manufactured in China?

china manufacturing massage chairs

The answer is simple, it’s more cost-effective. Many companies try to integrate China in part of the production process in order to keep costs down. This isn’t done with just massage chairs. This type of complex manufacturing process is applied for the majority of products you use these days.

So, why is it more affordable to make products in China? The reason behind this involves a variety of regulations, wage laws, and labor laws. Because of these laws and regulations, almost everything sold in America these days is now made in another country, such as Taiwan or China.

In the past, it was only low-end products that were made overseas. This is the reason many people now associate where a product was made with quality. But once companies realized how restricted and inefficient American businesses were becoming they began to import high-end products from overseas. Many companies that were originally based in America closed their facilities and opened facilities overseas.

In the end, companies save money and can make more money by producing their products in another country. Since this practice is so widely used, it’s not uncommon for both low and high-end products to be made in another country.

Does the fact that Osaki massage chairs come from China actually impact the quality of the chairs? Absolutely not.

Osaki/TITAN World LLC  Company Profile

After learning that Osaki chairs, with the exception of one, are not actually manufactured in Japan, you probably want to learn a little more about the company itself.

Osaki is part of TITAN World LLC, which is among the leading distributors of massage chairs, fitness equipment, back relief products, handheld massagers, and fitness machines. While their other products are also popular, they really made a name for themselves with their extensive line of massage chairs. These are high-end massage chairs that come with every bell and whistle the consumer could want.

This includes:

  • Zero gravity designs
  • A wide range of massage programs and styles to choose from
  • Innovative airbag and roller systems designed to mimic the feel of human fingers

Unlike the competition, Osaki is a company that continues to keep producing the best-selling chairs in the industry. With their elegant designs and solid construction, it’s obvious that these are massage chairs that are meant to last year after year, even with heavy use.

The company specializes in distributing and importing their chairs straight to consumers. Instead of Japan, Osaki is actually based out of Carrollton, Texas.

The Future of TITAN World LLC and Osaki

Many of the chairs in the Osaki line offer full body massages, which is a huge selling point for many consumers. Competing models will only offer a roller or airbag system in the upper portion of the chair, completely leaving the lower body out. But if you stand on your feet all day at work, then you need a massage chair that can provide a total body massage, one that will work the calves, thighs, and glutes. Osaki total body massage chairs are highly programmable, allowing you to set the length of a massage, the intensity, and even the type of massage. They have massage program loaded basic chairs, Shiatsu, and zero gravity models. This type of selection will allow you to choose the perfect massage chair based on your needs.

The company also claims to offer the widest range of full body massage chairs on the market. Each of which is designed to provide instant relief from pain and body aches, in a chair that looks nothing like your standard massage chair.

Osaki continues to produce chairs that can meet the consumer’s needs, whether they need a chair they can relax in after work, one designed to help treat serious back pain or a chair that’s perfect for use after a lifting session or a run.

These chairs are not exactly affordable. However, if you find yourself making more than one visit to your massage therapist a month, then owning your own massage chair should be seen as a necessity, not a luxury. It can also be a more cost-effective option, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of massages.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

Not only does Osaki produce many of the leading massage chairs on the market they also offer excellent customer service and better than average warranties. Since buying this caliber of a massage chair is considered an investment, a warranty is a must. Should you run into any issues with your massage chair while it’s under warranty, contact an Osaki customer service rep for troubleshooting help or to learn where the chair can be taken for repairs.

Related Questions

Where are Titan Massage Chairs Made?

Like Osaki massage chairs, Titan massage chairs are also made in China. You’ll find that many of the leading brands of massage chairs are manufactured overseas. If not China, then the chairs may be manufactured in India or Taiwan. Again, this doesn’t take away from the quality of the chairs, it’s done in order to cut the production costs.

Are Massage Chairs Good for Your Lower Back?

Yes. Massage chairs provide you with easy access to a massage whenever you want one, right in the comfort of your home. A high-quality massage chair will be equipped with a top of the line airbag or roller system that’s designed to stimulate the muscles in the back, improving circulation and working to minimize pain and tension. A massage chair can’t compare to the type of massage you’ll get from a masseuse, but it can provide immediate relief, whenever you need it. The initial cost of a massage chair may seem steep, but if you normally see your massage therapist once or twice a week, then a massage chair can save you hundreds of dollars a year, especially if you have chronic back pain. Using a massage chair regularly can help you manage your pain, especially after an intense workout. It can also improve circulation, can decrease your chances of delayed onset muscle soreness, and can also help to reduce inflammation. With the right chair, the benefits really are endless for the chronic pain sufferer.

Can You Overuse a Massage Chair?

Yes. When you first get your massage chair you may be eager to sit in it and try out all of the different massage programs. But if you spend too much time in your massage chair in the beginning, it can actually cause muscle soreness, or it can increase back pain if you’re currently dealing with a herniated disc. When your chair first arrives, you will want to avoid spending more than twenty minutes at a time in your massage chair. This will allow your muscles to gradually acclimate to the chair’s roller system or airbag system, without causing muscle soreness or aggravating your herniated disc. To learn more, click here to read my article on are massage chairs good for you?

What Type of Massage Chair is Recommended for Chronic Back Pain?

If you suffer from chronic back pain, then choosing the right massage chair, one that can help to naturally reduce pain without causing irritation, will be important. There are several styles of massage chairs to choose from, many of which are targeted at chronic pain sufferers. A chair that comes with a wide selection of massage programs should be your main priority. It’s also crucial that the chair allows you to adjust the intensity of the massage.

In terms of styles, you can choose from a basic chair or a specialty chair such as a Shiatsu chair or a zero gravity chair.

A zero gravity chair will be the best choice for chronic back pain sufferers because it allows you to recline the chair in a manner that reduces the amount of pressure that’s placed on the spine.

A Shiatsu chair can also help chronic back pain sufferers and it’s also a good option for anyone who has a physically demanding job or for fitness enthusiasts. These chairs usually provide an intense massage that focuses on working out knots in the back and relieving tension.

A chair with a built-in heat feature can help to provide immediate relief if you frequently suffer from muscle strains or chronic lower back pain. To learn more about must-have massage chair features, click here to read our buyer’s guide.

Final Thoughts

Where are Osaki chairs made? China. The company has one chair that is manufactured in Japan. The company itself is based out of Texas. Why are their chairs made overseas? It’s simply a more cost-effective solution and it’s one that most companies these days use. The fact that the chairs are not made in Japan or America doesn’t take away from the quality of the chairs. In the past, only cheap products were made overseas, but as many American based companies began to struggle with new rules and regulations, they found that it was more affordable to close down shop in America and open facilities in other countries, such as China or Taiwan. Osaki has been a trusted name in the industry for years. The fact that their chairs are not American made doesn’t take away from that.

Where is Osaki Massage Chair Made and Who Makes It?
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Where is Osaki Massage Chair Made and Who Makes It?
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