The Best Massage Techniques for a Back Rub

The Best Massage Techniques for a Back Rub She’ll Never Forget

The best massage techniques can make for one memorable massage. When done right, a massage is relaxing, revitalizing, and can leave you feeling energized for days. However, when done wrong, your partner is left feelijng unsatisfied and you’re frustrated at not being able to give a good massage.

We’ll go over proven techniques that can easily help you work out even the most stubborn knots or instantly provide relief to high tension areas.

The best massage techniques to use will depend on who you’re massaging and whether they’re struggling with tension, knots, or muscle strain. Beginning by using a lighter amount of pressure is important in order to prevent pain and discomfort during a massage. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re using the right amount of pressure, always ask your partner.

The key to a good massage is using slow, steady strokes and a moderate amount of pressure that can help to relax the muscles. You don’t have to go to school to learn how to give a good massage. Many of the best techniques used involve pacing yourself, using your body weight to apply pressure when you’re giving a deep tissue massage, and a light to moderate amount of pressure when you’re giving a basic massage.

If you know what techniques to use and how to use them, giving your partner a mind-blowing massage is actually very easy. The techniques we’ll discuss here are very basic and will help steer you in the right direction, so the next time you give your partner a massage, it will leave them feeling happy, calm, and relaxed, which is the whole point behind giving a partner a massage.

What is the Right Amount of Pressure to Use?

Depending on who you’re massaging and where they’re feeling pain or tension, there are times when you need to use a lot of pressure to rub out a knot, or cases in which you’ll use gentle pressure to simply relax the muscles. Generally, you’ll want to apply a firm amount of pressure.

The pressure you use should be enough that you’ll be able to easily feel the muscles moving under the skin, but it shouldn’t cause your partner to cry out in pain. In cases in which there are several knots in your partner’s back, you will need to use more pressure, which can cause pain and discomfort.

Pace Yourself

Starting off fast and strong can be the easiest way to lose steam when you’re giving a massage. Additionally, when you rub muscles out too quickly and with too much pressure it tends to irritate the muscles. Use even, slow strokes instead, and focus on using your fingertips, thumbs, and the palms of your hands.

Massage with Care

You want to avoid applying pressure to the spine. You must also be careful not to apply to much pressure on the muscles over the shoulder blades. People that have thinner muscle tissue tend to bruise easily. Most importantly, avoid applying pressure to the joints in the shoulders, elbows, and knees.

What’s the Right Way to Massage the Shoulders?

The lower lumbar area tends to be the most common area that people experience back pain or suffer injuries, however, the shoulders usually hold the most tension in the body. Whether it’s caused by stress, poor posture, or manual labor, built up tension in this area can lead to lower back pain and can negatively affect a person’s range of motion in serious cases.

The basic massage technique used for the shoulders involves using the thumbs to apply pressure, however, this is also the most common area that a beginner tends to run into trouble by applying too much pressure and rubbing the area too quickly causing pain and discomfort.

If you’re like most people and your hands tend to get tired very easily when you’re giving a shoulder rub, try using your forearms instead and apply a moderate amount of pressure, moving slowly and paying attention to how your partner responds. If they complain of intense pain you should reduce the amount of pressure you’re using.

How to Give a Lower Lumbar Massage

You should spend more time working on this area than any other area of the body. If you want to give a more effective lower back rub, try using your thumbs and the heels of your hands to rub out tough knots. For this type of massage, you should have your partner lie flat on the ground as you straddle them. This will give you more leverage and can help reduce tension in their muscles, making the tissue easier to work on.

How to Reduce Stiffness in the Neck

How to Reduce Stiffness in the Neck

Aside from the back and shoulders, the neck is another area that holds a lot of tension. This can be caused by leaning over a computer all day, poor posture, or lifting incorrectly. Use your fingers and thumb to apply a mild amount of pressure on each side of the neck. If your partner is experiencing a lot of tension, try using more pressure, massaging with the pads of your fingers.

The Easiest Way to Rub Out a Knot

When the muscles are strained they can spasm or shorten. This results in painful knots. Usually, when a person tries to rub out a knot they tend to use too much force. This can make the knot feel even more painful. Instead, use firm pressure with up and down strokes using the palms of your hands. Use your thumb to press down on the knot and hold it until you feel the muscle relax.

How to Avoid Giving a Bad Massage

Avoid applying too much force and causing more pain and tension in the muscles. To prevent this, make sure your fingers are kept together and using your whole hand in the massage. Begin with softer strokes and slowly increase the pressure based on how your partner is responding.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re using the right amount of pressure, ask her how the massage is feeling. This way you can adjust the pressure immediately. Remember, more pressure doesn’t always equal a more effective, better massage.

Related Questions

How to Give a Back Massage for Him

Giving your boyfriend or husband a massage involves using the same techniques, you’ll just have a larger surface to work on. If your partner has a very physically demanding job they may require a longer massage or you may need to use more pressure.

First, start off by gently rubbing the back and locate any knots. Once your partner is relaxed, begin working on these knots using a higher degree of pressure. You may need to experiment with the amount of pressure you use. You’ll know you’re using the right amount once you feel the knotted up muscles start to relax.

Again, always communicate with your partner to ensure they remain comfortable.

How to Give a Relaxing Massage

A relaxing massage is much different than a deep tissue massage. Atmosphere can go a long way in terms of relaxing your partner. Try playing soothing music, turn off the lights and light some candles, and use an oil or lotion with a mild scent. The goal of this type of massage is obviously to relax your partner, so a mild amount of pressure is all that’s needed.

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Will a Massage Chair Help?

There have been some debates regarding whether or not using the best massage chair can help prevent muscle strains and tension, and whether it can also prevent serious muscle strain and back pain. Ultimately, how effective a massage chair is will depend on the massage chair itself.

The Osaki Titan Pro Commander Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a top of the line model that’s loaded with a variety of massage techniques and programs. This highly customizable chair also features a zero gravity position, which is designed to reduce pressure on the back. The initial cost of chairs of this caliber will obviously be a lot more than a massage from a pro, but these chairs tend to pay for themselves once you realize how much money you’ll save once you don’t have to see a massage therapist once or twice a week.

Final Thoughts

The best massage techniques will help you provide an effective massage that will relax your partner, reduce tension, and help you to work out even the toughest knots. The goal is to use the right amount of pressure to avoid causing intense pain, but the right amount of pressure that can provide the type of results you’re looking for. 

Using the fingertips, palms, heels of the hands, and elbows, can help you to provide the perfect amount of pressure based on need and the area of the body.