Osaki OS-Pro Ekon Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

The OS-Pro by Osaki combines the L and S track technology for improved massage performance. The L-track extends from the neck, working its way past the lower back, then wrapping under the back of the thighs.

The S-track ensures that the rollers follow along with the spine’s natural curvature. The manufacturer claims that both systems combined offer a sixty percent more massage area. The chair’s innovative design is what makes it one of Osaki’s leading models and a consumer favorite. 

Our Verdict: This chair comes loaded with all the features you could want in a massage chair, including boy scan technology, which offers a customized massage for each family member. Truly, this is one chair the whole family can appreciate, which is why it earned such a high rating. We would recommend this chair to anyone in need of a more versatile massage chair, one that includes a variety of massage techniques and body scan technology.

Read on to learn what makes the OS-Pro one of the leading models of massage chairs on the market.

Overview and Features 

Osaki is a major name in the massage chair industry, offering a wide variety of massage chair styles available at different price points. The OS-Pro is their top-selling model and for all the right reasons. It’s considered one of the most versatile chairs on the market.

In fact, it comes with so many massage options that it’ll take you awhile to go through each technique and setting. Basically, each member of the family will be able to find the right type of massage technique or program based on their needs, whether they’re suffering from arthritis, a back injury, or sore muscles after a work out.

Not only does the chair feature the combined S and L-track system, it also features 3D massage. 3D massage is said to provide the most human-like massage. It’s designed to massage deeper and wider compared to conventional rollers. It also allows the user to extend out the massage heads up to three inches for an intense deep massage. 

While there’s no doubt this is a top of the line massage chair it doesn’t come with as many massage programs as you’d expect for a model in this price range. 

If you’d like to learn more about massage chairs with a wider variety of massage program options, click here to check out our buyer’s guide. 

Body Scan 

The chair will conduct a body scan, which essentially maps the important areas of the back and neck in order to ensure that a consistent amount of pressure is applied during treatment. This technology is also able to detect the user’s shoulder height, which is then recalibrated once the scan has been completed. 

Zero Gravity 

The chair’s zero gravity will place the knees above heart level, pushing the back against the backrest firmly for a more effective massage. This position not only helps to maximize the effectiveness and intensity of a massage, but it also minimizes the compression along the spine. 

Space-Saving Design 

This chair only requires a total of three inches of space between the wall and the back of the chair. When the chair is reclined it slides forward. This makes the chair perfect for anyone who’s short on space in the home. A traditional recliner can require eight to twelve inches of clearance in order to allow the chair to fully recline. 

Calf and Foot Roller 

Unlike the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair, this chair also focuses on lower body massages. The innovative calf and foot roller system is one of the chair’s best features. The spinning foot rollers that are located along the calves and the bottom of the footrest can provide a soothing kneading motion that’s considered one of the best massage techniques this chair offers. The spinning rollers stimulate the acupuncture points as the airbags inflate in order to keep the legs securely in place for a deeper, more accurate massage. 

Total Body Massage 

There are several airbags located throughout the chair, designed to provide a total body massage experience. You can find the airbags in the feet, calf, pelvis, waist, arm, and shoulder areas. The airbags use compression to relieve tension and pain and increase blood circulation. 

Massage Programs 

This chair features six massage programs to choose from. 

Sports refresh is perfect for after a workout or an intense practice. This is a deep tissue massage that uses a combination of kneading and tapping. 

The extension massage is a type of Thai style massage that uses stretching and strong kneading motions. 

The sleep and rest program is designed to relax the entire body and utilizes a variety of massage styles and techniques. 

The full body work relief program will primarily focus on the shoulders and neck, helping to reduce tension in the upper body after a long day at the office. 

Shoulder and neck massages are hard to come by as far as massage programs are concerned, so we were excited to see this chair offers one. This is a therapy-based program that will target the shoulders and neck for a relaxing twenty minutes. 

The spine and waist massage program is perfect for relieving pain and tension along the lower back. 

As you can see, the manufacturer has thought of everything, offering a large selection of massage types to choose from that’s sure to please every member in the family.

Of course, this type of variety adds to the chair’s overall price, but this is expected in a chair that’s literally loaded with all the right features.

Manual Massage

The chair features several manual massage modes to choose from, so you can enjoy a massage right where it’s needed. If you have pain in the lower back you can choose from partial or whole back in order to work out the knot without having to go through a full body massage. You’ll find a variety of massage options to choose from, so it can take a little experimenting before you find the right technique that works the best for you. 


While other leading massage chairs can come with an average of three to eight massage programs, this massage chair features six massage techniques to choose from, including the following:

  • Sync
  • Rhythm 
  • Shiatsu
  • Knocking 
  • Tapping 
  • Kneading

Each of these massage styles will provide a different sensation, a different level of firmness, and the results you’re looking for. For some buyers, six massage techniques may not seem like enough, but we can assure you that combined with the chair’s other adjustable features, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect massage.


This chair will give you complete control over the entire massage experience. You can fine-tune each session with six roller speeds, three shoulder width options, five strength adjustments for the airbag massages, and five 3D massage adjustment options.

Ultimately, when it comes to massage technique combinations, the possibilities are endless. The chair allows you to enjoy a wide variety of massage styles and techniques that you can use based on your specific needs. This type of versatility is essential if more than one family members plans to use the chair. 


The OS Pro has two heating pads located in the lower lumbar area. The heat will help to loosen up muscles, resulting in a better massage. It can also help to warm the core, which will promote improved blood circulation. Heat therapy is another great feature that you’ll find in a chair that seems to have all the bells and whistles you could want in a massage chair. However, the heat setting isn’t adjustable, offering only one level of heat. The ability to switch heat settings would have been a nice addition.

Leg Scan 

The leg rest will scan the legs with each session to optimize the ottoman’s length for your specific height. Another option is using the remote to manually adjust the length of the ottoman. The leg scan is another feature that works to ensure each user gets a customized massage for maximum results. 


The built-in Bluetooth speakers will allow you to enjoy your favorite soothing music via high-quality speakers found in the headrest. The chair also has a built-in USB outlet, so you can even charge your devices. 


The included LCD remote is slim and simple to use. The buttons allow you to breeze through the menu system until you find the program or technique you need. You can also control the length of a massage for sessions that last ten, twenty, or thirty minutes. 


  • Built-in speakers 
  • Six massage techniques 
  • Body scan 
  • Leg scan 
  • Customizable massages


  • Only includes six massage programs 
  • Heat therapy feature doesn’t allow you to choose from different heat settings


The Osaki OS Pro massage chair focuses on luxury and gives you the ability to adjust a massage exactly the way you like it. The chair is easy to use, versatile, and everything you could want in a massage chair designed for the whole family. We gave this chair a rating of four and a half out of five stars.