Osaki Japan Premium

Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair Review 

The Japan Premium 4S massage chair by Osaki is what every massage chair strives to be. It comes equipped with a total of twenty-five massage programs, in addition to a variety of customization options that are designed to meet every therapeutic need you have.

The chair’s innovative massage 4D system ensures a more realistic massage while the chair’s body scan feature works to customize every massage program to each user’s body. The stretch features, built-in heat therapy feature, and the airbag massages are just what your tired body needs after a long day at the office.

Our Verdict: The Japan Premium 4S earned a top rating for its realistic performance, massage programs, heat therapy feature, and overall quality. It was difficult to find any faults in a model that comes as close to a pro massage as you’re going to get at home.

We would recommend this chair for anyone who deals with common aches and pains, after workout soreness, those with mild to severe back issues, and anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing, customized massage in the comfort of their own.

Continue reading to find out why the Japan Premium is our top rated model.

Overview and Features

The manufacturer claims that this chair is equipped with one of the most advanced roller systems on the market. The chair’s wide range of kneading techniques combined with the advanced two-ball massage system provides the type of realistic massage that other chairs in this price range and beyond simply can’t emulate.

you’re shopping for a total luxury massage chair, then this Osaki Japan premium model is your last stop. Loaded with an extensive airbag system, massage programs, and their patented massage ball system, this Osaki chair is the ultimate in total luxury. 

This is a chair that has all the bases covered ranging from heat therapy and scan technology, to shoulder and neck massage options, this chair allows you to fully customize each massage session using a variety of techniques. 

Taking Massage Chair Technology to the Next Level

Considering there are so many programs and techniques to choose from, this is one of the most versatile chairs on the market. 

One of the most popular features is the patented massage ball system. With other models, such as the Infinity Altera massage chair, you’ll find a basic track system that allows the chair to move right and left, and up and down. Yet, the design doesn’t follow the spine’s natural shape, so it can potentially deliver an uneven massage. 

This chair features a 4D massage ball system. The system features massage balls, the speed of which can be adjusted based on intensity. Many buyers claim the ball system provides a more realistic feel, compared to a standard S-track chair. 

The ball system, combined with a total of forty rollers, provides an unparalleled massage that you won’t get from competing models. 

Massage Intensity 

The chair’s massage intensity settings differ between a couple of modes of operation. When you use preprogrammed settings, you can choose from a total of seven massage intensity settings. When the chair is placed in manual mode, there are twelve different intensity settings to choose from.

These intensity setting options is a big deal. On average, most chairs will only offer three to four intensity options. If other family members plan on using this chair, this is just one more feature they can use to enjoy a custom massage designed with their needs in mind. 

Automatic Programs 

As we mentioned, this is a chair that specializes in luxury. You can enjoy a basic massage or take your session up a notch and enjoy a full body massage that will knead every inch of your body. If you just finished an intense leg workout at the gym then you should definitely take advantage of the chair’s glute and thigh massage or the total leg massage.

Additionally, the neck massage and the super kneading massage are designed to work out stubborn knots, while the super back kneading massage will focus on knots caused by tension and stress. To further customize your massage you can easily adjust the intensity for each massage type.

It offers the following massage options:

  • Super kneading 
  • Neck massage
  • Leg massage 
  • Super back kneading 
  • Thigh and glute massage

In total, it offers forty-one kneading techniques. 

The presets for the massages are clearly defined and have been broken down into a couple of groups: advanced and basic. The basic programs are similar to the advanced ones, however, the advanced programs deploy the Kiwami Mecha balls into the rollers. 

Basic programs include: 

  • Waist rejuvenate
  • Shoulder rejuvenate
  • Whole body 
  • Relax
  • Stretch

Advanced programs:

  • Shoulder 
  • Waist 
  • Total body
  • Relax
  • Stretch 
  • Sciatic focus 
  • Shoulder blade massage 
  • Neck focus 
  • VIP massage
  • Upper shoulder massage 

The sheer number of massage customization options essentially means that you can go weeks or months trying different, new combinations and never experience the same massage twice. 

Enter Zero Gravity 

This function allows the user’s knees to be positioned above the heart, using the user’s body weight to push against the rollers as they press against and up the back, providing an overall better massage and firmer contact. 

The chair offers just a single zero-gravity position to choose from. If you’d like to check out a chair with more zero-gravity options, click here to read our massage chair buyer’s guide. 

Airbag Massage

This chair comes equipped with a total of forty-six airbags which have been placed strategically throughout the chair. 

When you use the air massage mode, you can enjoy a completely customizable, full body massage. 

Lower Body Massage 

Like most luxury massage chairs, this model also comes with a rolling system for the feet. This chair truly specializes in the art of reflexology. The rollers can be activated independently or in tandem with the air massage system. Keep in mind, when used in tandem with the air massage mode, you’ll also enjoy a foot stretch massage which is very soothing. 

Body Scan 

This chair utilizes body scan technology, allowing the rollers to adjust to the shape of your body. This will ensure that each roller hits the pressure points correctly. When it’s combined with another massage option, you’ll enjoy a truly customized massage experience. 

Shoulder Massage 

The chair’s two ball roller head system can extend and retract to five inches, which means it can hit all the areas a standard massage chair isn’t able to reach. The upper portion of the shoulders holds a lot of tension and because of this it can require daily massages in order to avoid injury or knots.

The rollers on this device are designed to extend above the shoulders, moving down the back to stretch and press the muscles in the upper body. Adjust the intensity of the rollers in order to enjoy a gentle or tough massage designed to rub out every inch of your tired, sore muscles. 


If even on the highest setting the massage isn’t effective enough for you, the pad on the backrest is removable. Removing the pad will further increase the intensity of a massage. 

Heat Therapy 

The fact that the chair is also equipped with heating elements is a huge plus. However, the heat is limited to the lumbar area and the soles of the feet and there are no temperature controls. 


The default timer is set to twenty minutes per massage. The massage times can be adjusted in five-minute increments, with a max duration of thirty minutes and a minimum of five minutes. 


As you can see, this chair easily outperforms many competing models. The Kiwami Mecha ball system provides the type of realistic massage buyers are looking for. 

You can easily fine-tune a massage based on your needs and size, the area on your body that needs the most attention, and how sensitive your body is.

This level of customization makes the chair well worth the higher price tag. 

Unlike past models of Osaki massage chairs, this model features a heating system in both the lumbar area and the soles of the feet. So, if you spend all day on your feet at work, this is one feature you’ll find yourself using daily. 

Touch Screen 

The chair itself is designed for one-touch simplicity. The full-color touch screen is very user-friendly and allows you to easily access and choose from a wide range of massage settings. 


  • Sixteen massage programs 
  • Heat therapy
  • Upper shoulder massage
  • Zero gravity feature 
  • Kiwami Mecha ball system 
  • Extensive airbag system 
  • Three-year warranty 


  • High price tag

Final Verdict

The Osaki Japan Premium massage chair excels at shoulder massage functions, heat therapy, and comes loaded with some great massage programs. Massage functions are very customizable, so you can fine-tune your massage experience based on your needs. You can also take advantage of the heat therapy function for improved results.

This is a chair that gives the user total control of their massage experience and it’s one chair that’s definitely designed with the user’s experience in mind. We gave this chair a rating of five out of five stars.