Massage Chairs for Tall People

Massage Chairs for Tall People: What you Need to Know

Buying a massage chair for tall person isn’t as easy as it may sound. Considering many of the leading massage chairs feature a large, heavily padded design, it’s easy to see how some people may get the impression that these chairs can handle taller users. But the truth is, many massage chairs are only designed to accommodate a max height of six feet. Fortunately, there are some models out there that can handle big and tall users, which is why doing your research prior to buying a massage chair is so important.

To find a massage chair for tall person, first, check out the chair’s spec sheet to learn about the chair’s reclining length and max user height and weight. Search for a chair that comes equipped with an extendable footrest and a body scan feature. Body scan will scan each user’s body and adjust the roller system based on the user’s height and weight. Highly adjustable massage chairs will allow you to choose from a variety of massage programs and the types of massage techniques use, based on your height and massage needs. Massage chairs designed for taller and larger users can come with a hefty price tag, but this higher price can often equal a chair that can deliver a more effective massage, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Now that you know the specs and features to look for in a massage chair that’s designed for taller users, read on to learn why a specialty massage chair can provide a more realistic, effective massage so you can  enjoy many of the benefits the leading massage chairs have to offer.

Shopping for a Massage Chair

Picking out the perfect massage chair is difficult enough, but finding one that can handle taller users can make it even more complicated. These larger chairs can also be more expensive. People under six feet tall will have more options in terms of massage chairs that are loaded with programs and extra features. With a massage chair for taller people, the focus will be on the oversized design, complete with a higher back and longer ottoman.

The best way to determine if a chair will work for your height is to sit in each chair you’re interested in. If you’re not able to visit your local massage chair showroom, and you’ve decide to purchase a new chair online to save serious cash, you’ll need to read massage chair reviews to find out if a particular chair can work for someone of your height. You can also check the chair’s spec sheet. Often, manufacturers will include a max height and user weight for each chair. If you can’t find this information on the spec sheet, don’t be afraid to directly contact the manufacturer.

Specialty Chairs for Taller People

Most massage chairs can work well for users of all heights, however, this can also depend on a number of factors such as the chair’s track and roller system design, extra features, and just how adjustable a chair is.

Even chairs that are designed for taller users will have a height limit. Many of these specialty chairs will work for users up to three hundred pounds, with a max height of six feet, five inches. The problem doesn’t exactly lie within the height of the chair’s back or the length of the ottoman. The issue is the chair’s roller system. If you’re too tall for a specific chair, you won’t enjoy all the benefits of a massage since the rollers aren’t designed to handle users of your height. The rollers may not reach all the way down to your feet, or the roller system can fall short during a back massage and won’t be long enough to reach up your neck.


Ottoman chair

Some chairs refer to the footrest as an ottoman. The ottoman or footrest in your next massage chair should be extendable. An extendable footrest can make all the difference when you use your chair. These extendable footrests can expand by six to ten inches or more, depending on the model. The ability to adjust the length of the footrest will allow you to get the most out of a total body massage.

Recline Length

The chair’s recline length refers to the length of the chair when it’s fully reclined. If you have a recliner at home that works for you, measure the chair in order to get a rough idea of what size massage chair you’ll need. Most chairs designed for taller users will have a recline length that ranges from sixty-six to seventy-two inches.

A Higher Price

Some models of larger massage chairs will come with a higher price tag. If you’re looking for a high-end specialty massage chair then you can expect to spend two to six thousand dollars.

Specialty Chair Features

When you’re taller than average and shopping for a massage chair, you need a chair designed to accommodate your height, otherwise, the moving components will not hit the right spots. You don’t want to end up spending thousands of dollars on a new chair only to feel cramped and uncomfortable. That would basically defeat the purpose of buying a massage chair.

When doing your research, there are some crucial features you should look for that can ensure you enjoy a custom massage.

Body Scan

Body scan is one of the most important features that a larger or taller person should look for. Many of the leading chairs come equipped with this feature. Body scan will scan your body to determine your weight and height. The chair’s microprocessor will then take this information and use it to adjust the rollers in order to accommodate your size, ensuring the rollers hit all the right spots, so you can enjoy a fine-tuned massage that’s relaxing and effective.

Track Design

A massage chair’s track system is what controls the rollers. Different parts of the body are massaged via the massage track which extends down the length of the spine. Some chairs will have longer tracks than others. If a chair has a short track then the rollers may not be able to reach down the length of your spine. If you’re taller than six feet, look for a track system that’s at least twenty-seven inches long.


If you have broad hips and shoulders, check to see if the chair has hip and shoulder airbags. If sitting in the chair already feels like a tight fit, then an airbag system in these areas can feel incredibly cramped.

Keep in mind that just because a chair has hip and shoulder airbags doesn’t mean that the chair is the wrong choice for you. The system may be designed to handle taller users and can adjust to unique body shapes.

Other Shoulder Massage Options

Aside from airbags located in the shoulder area, you’ll also need to keep your eye out for massage programs that include rollers that focus on this area as well. If you have broad shoulders, then a roller located in this area can cause increased pain, especially if the upper portion of the chair is too narrow. However, if the chair has body scan technology, then the rollers should be adjusted automatically to accommodate your broader shoulders.

Related Questions

Are There Massage Cushions for Tall People?

Yes. While there may not be as many models to choose from compared to massage cushions that are designed for users of average height, there are massage cushions available that are specifically designed for larger, taller users. Massage cushions come with many benefits, but ultimately, they cannot provide the same type of realistic massage that a massage chair can. Most massage cushions will only come with a few program options, which usually come in the form of different vibration speeds, although there are some massage cushions that come with tapping and kneading features. A massage cushion can be a great choice if you can’t afford a massage chair, don’t have much space in the home, or if you travel a lot and you’re looking for a portable massage option. To learn more, click here to read my article on massage chair vs massage cushion.

What’s the Best Massage Chair for Taller People?

Kahuna 7300

The Kahuna 7300 Superior Massage Chair is perfect for users of all sizes. It comes loaded with 3D scan technology, ten massage programs to choose from, and it features a hybrid roller track design that offers a wide variety of massage techniques. This massage chair is highly adjustable, has intuitive controls that allow you to easily tweak a massage session’s settings, and a larger than average design that’s comfortable for taller users. Click here to read my massage chair buyer’s guide, where you’ll find more of the leading models of massage chairs designed for taller users.

Are Massage Chairs Good for Nerve Pain?

Yes. The most common areas where nerve pain occurs includes the neck, spine, wrists, and lower back. However, damaged nerves or pinched nerves can happen anywhere in the body. A pinched nerve will cause chronic pain, numbness, and muscle weakness. This type of pain can worsen over time if you don’t seek proper treatment.

Using a massage chair to treat nerve pain can help to significantly reduce pain by helping to relax tissues and muscles in the surrounding area. Massage applied to the affected area can

  • Relax muscles
  • Reduce pain
  • Release endorphins
  • Improve circulation

Aside from massage, the first step is avoiding overusing the affected area. Most physicians recommend regular massage, rest, and avoiding lifting heavy objects. Excessive stress or an increase in your activity level can worsen your condition. One to two massages a day may be recommended, depending on the severity of the condition and the area affected.

Massage is one of the best ways you can treat a damaged or pinched nerve. Gentle massage programs should be used to help reduce pain and inflammation, without aggravating the area. Deep tissue massages can also be used to help release the tension in muscles in the surrounding areas. Overall, the pressure used on the affected area should be mild. A twenty to thirty minute massage session should be more than enough for treatment. For severe pain, an additional massage may be necessary in order to manage pain.

How Often Can I Use A Massage Chair?

This will vary from person to person. In the beginning, you’ll want to take it slow and use your new chair once every other day for a period of twenty minutes. If you’re recovering from an injury, you may want to start off using it once or twice a week. Using your chair too much, in the beginning, can cause muscle soreness. Over time, as your muscles become accustomed to the chair’s roller system you’ll find that you no longer experience discomfort the day after a massage. If you have a herniated disc or suffer from nerve related pain, speak with your doctor prior to using a massage chair. They may have recommendations in terms of massage frequency, length and even the style of massage to use. Chairs that offer gentle and deep tissue massage will give you more control over the intensity of the massage. Daily deep tissue massages aren’t usually recommended, however, if you suffer from chronic back or nerve pain it can help to relieve tension in the surrounding muscles.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for a massage chair for tall person, make sure the chair is designed to handle taller, heavier users. The chair should also have an extendable footrest, a longer track system, and a body scan feature. If the chair has an airbag system, it should be highly adjustable, or you should be able to shut off that particular feature. If you’re not able to try out the massage chairs you’re interested in, then pay attention to each chair’s spec sheet and look at a chair’s dimensions and the manufacturer’s listing for max height and weight.

In the end, you can expect to pay more for this type of specialty massage chair. However, if you find the right model, the higher price will be worth every penny for a chair that can provide the type of massage you need at the end of a long workday.