Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review 

With so many massage chairs on the market, choosing the perfect one is pretty impossible, especially if you have to find a chair that can accommodate you and your entire family. Everyone has a preference regarding what type and style of massage they enjoy. They usually also have a preference in terms of the intensity of the massage.

This model by Human Touch offers some top of the line customization options that will allow each user to customize their massage experience for a more effective massage experience. This is partially due to the wide range of programmed massages available to choose from, the intensity level options, and the innovative roller system the chair uses. 

Our Verdict: The Novo XT is a unique massage chair that features a 3D L-track system, and a design that’s said to accommodate a wide range of body types. In fact, the manufacturer claims the chair can accommodate users up to six feet, nine inches tall, which is pretty impressive. 

However, it doesn’t come equipped with the popular 3D body scan feature that many other massage chairs in this price range offer. If you’re looking for a massage chair that offers a higher level of customization, you’ll need to keep looking. 

Overall, for the price the chair offers many great features that can result in an effective massage.

Continue reading to learn what this model by Human Touch has to offer.

Overview and Features 

As we mentioned, this model comes with an L-track roller system and a 3D roller depth adjustment, in addition to four roller balls. The depth of the rollers can be adjusted automatically or manually. Y

ou’ll notice that when the depth of the rollers changes in an auto program that it may not remain at the number you initially selected. There are a total of five depth choices available. So, whatever depth you choose, it will fluctuate between the number you have chosen and the lowest setting. 

On the remote control’s main screen, you’ll see a bar graph. The graph represents the 3D depth of the rollers. 

One thing you may notice right off the bat is the fact that the chair lacks the 3D body scan feature, which is normally found on higher priced massage chairs. The 3D scan allows the chair to adjust the rollers based on the user’s height and weight. The lack of the feature is a bit of a surprise.

Competing models, such as the Kahuna 7300 Superior massage chair, are equipped with 3D body scan technology, however, it can’t compete with the number of programmed massages this chair offers. 

If you’d like to learn more about leading models that are equipped with 3D scan, click here to read our epic buyer’s guide, which also lists the top ten models of massage chairs on the market. 


The massage default time is set for twenty minutes; however, the length can be adjusted in ten-minute increments, up to thirty minutes. The ability to adjust the length of your massage session is a nice extra that isn’t commonly offered with most models in this price range. 

Foot Rollers and Airbags

The chair features mechanical foot rollers that are highly adjustable, allowing the user to control the speed. The art of foot reflexology rollers can provide much-needed relief to sore, tired feet. 


The zero-gravity position will place the user’s legs above the heart, pressing the back firmly against the chair’s backrest. With the user’s back pushed up against the back of the chair, the rollers are able to perform a more effective massage. 

Full Body Stretch 

The full body stretch feature is comparable to a visit to your chiropractor. Now, you can enjoy instant back pain relief without the high cost of a chiropractor’s visit, and all in the comfort of your own home. 

Instead of visiting your chiropractor, you can stretch your back from the comfort of your home on your own time.


The heat therapy option is pretty limiting, considering it’s only located in the lower lumbar area and the temperature cannot be controlled. Overall, it’s a nice feature to have, however, considering the price of the chair, some temperature setting options would have been a nice extra. 

Airbag Massage 

The chair features a total of thirty-six airbags, located throughout the upper and lower sections. The airbags work to reduce pain and tension and can also help to improve blood circulation. 

The chair’s cloud touch acupressure feature will allow the chair to accurately focus on pressure points. 

Massage Intensity 

As we mentioned earlier, the chair allows you to choose from five intensity levels. The lowest setting is of course, very mild, while the highest setting is similar to the intensity of a deep tissue massage. Adjusting the intensity level is a must if more than one family member uses the chair.

Additionally, if you normally prefer an intense deep tissue massage, but recently injured your back or another area of the body, you can easily turn down the intensity level  and enjoy a gentler massage that won’t further exacerbate the injured area of the body.

Pregnant women who enjoy massages that can help to ease the tension in their back and muscle strains that often occur due to the increased weight they have to carry around can also benefit from a chair that allows them to enjoy a relaxing, gentle massage. 

Massage Programs 

The chair features a total of thirty-four massage programs, which are broken down into four categories:

  • Rejuvenation
  • Restoration 
  • Recovery
  • Rehabilitation 

The rehabilitation massages are designed to help people who suffer from arthritis, sciatica, and chronic pain, and is the most popular program option.

The recovery massage options are the ultimate after work out massage. The rollers will focus on rubbing out the muscles in order to reduce lactic acid build up, while improving circulation and preventing delayed onset muscle soreness the day after an intense lifting session.

The restoration massages are  a good choice if you’ve been dealing with chronic back pain. It provides a firm amount of pressure, focusing on both the lower and upper back.

The rejuvenation massages are perfect if you’ve had a long day at work and your job is very physically demanding. This massage will leave you feel refreshed and your muscles nice and relaxed.

These programs can last anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. 

The chair offers more than three times the average amount of massage programs that higher priced massage chairs offer. This variety is probably the chair’s biggest selling point. The different types of massage programs will allow each user to customize their massage session, focusing on specific areas and issues.


The remote allows users to adjust the massage length, stretch direction, kneading speed, height, intensity, and roller speed. 

The big drawback here is the fact that the remote doesn’t have a memory, so you’ll have to start all over again and program in your preferences each time you want a massage. 


The chair has a three-year warranty on parts, a one-year warranty on home service, and a five-year structural warranty. 


The chair is made out of a high-quality synthetic leather and is available in five color options:

  • Cream 
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Brown 
  • Black 

The chair itself weighs two hundred and ninety-four pounds. It has a max user weight of three hundred pounds. 

The thick padding is very supportive, so you won’t have to worry about sinking into the chair.

Additionally, the chair’s airbag system and rollers work together to provide a more realistic massage that can hit all the right areas. While the chair can’t quite compete with the type of massage you’ll get from a massage therapist, it does an excellent job of reaching deep down into the muscles in order to work out knots and muscle tension.


  • Customizable massages
  • Thirty-four massage programs to choose from 
  • The benefits
  • Customizable massage settings
  • Extensive warranty 
  • Built-in speakers 
  • Variety of colors available 


  • Lacks heat in the calf and foot area
  • Remote does not come with a memory saving feature 
  • Chair does not come with 3D body scan technology

In Conclusion

The Human Touch Novo massage chair may come with a lot of bells and whistles, including thirty-four massage programs to choose from and built-in speakers, but it also lacks some important features including scan technology, which provides a more effective, custom massage, and heat therapy for the footrest and calf area. The lack of both of these features can be a deal breaker for some. 

However, the chair’s lower price and the wide range of setting options can more than make up for the lack of 3D scan technology.

Considering the chair does offer a variety of top of the line features, some buyers won’t mind the lack of scan technology or the fact that the chair lacks heat in the calf and foot area. Ultimately, this massage chair is a solid performer and one that’s available at a reasonable price.

We gave this chair a rating of four and a half out of five stars.