Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Best Massage Zero-gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

This zero-gravity full body shiatsu massage chair is a multipurpose, powerful chair that offers a wide variety of features ranging from a total body massage, shiatsu style massage, and 3D technology for ultimate massage customization. It’s also reasonably priced despite the fact that it comes loaded with so many popular features. 

Our Verdict: A massage chair that offers a huge variety of massage techniques, an extendable footrest, not to mention the ability to fine-tune a massage session, this feature packed massage chair will allow you to customize your massages for more effective results. The chair is also equipped with a heat therapy feature, but this feature only works to treat the lower back. While this may not seem like a big deal to some, for those searching for a chair that offers more heat therapy options, this could be a major drawback.

Read on to learn more about this best-selling chair’s top features.

Overview and Features 

This chair employs some of the best massage techniques, all with a push of a button. Want a chair that allows you to customize each massage session? Then your search is over. 

This is one massive chair, weighing in at three hundred pounds. It’s also covered under a one-year warranty for parts. 

The chair’s extendable footrest makes this chair perfect for users of all sizes and can accommodate people up to six feet, four inches tall. 

The sheer size and weight of this chair means it’s going to take up quite a bit of floor space in the home. If you’re looking for a portable massage chair, one that you can store away when not in use, we recommend the Earthlite Vortex portable massage chair, which weighs in at just fifteen pounds. 

This chair comes with all the features you’d expect to find in a higher priced massage chair including the following:

Shiatsu massage: This powerful massage is designed to totally rejuvenate the body, revitalizing tired, sore muscles. This type of deep tissue massage can work out old knots and can be a great massage choice after a challenging workout

Rolling power: This chair’s built-in rollers move up and down over your entire body for a full body massage.

Chopping action: The chopping motion is designed to stimulate the nerves, work out knots, and ease muscle tension and pain. 

Kneading: Do you have a physically demanding job? If you’re on your feet lifting heavy boxes all day or you suffer from chronic back pain, then this feature will be a total lifesaver. The kneading motion will focus on specific areas of the back, firmly working out tough knots and soothing sore muscles in the lower and upper back. 

Compression: Compression works to improve mobility and reduces pain. 

Vibration: Relaxing and designed to eliminate impurities and toxins from the body, this gentle motion will leave you feeling refreshed. 

Flapping: This motion is designed for a deep tissue massage and stimulates to nerves. It’s also perfect for stress relief. 

Percussion: This motion targets pressure points all over the body and helps to relieve pain associated with tense muscles and muscle strain. 


This model comes equipped with pretty much everything a top of the line massage chair should and then some. It offers a variety of massage options and features, including preset programs and different intensity and speed levels. You can easily fine-tune a massage so it works on specific areas you’re struggling with, such as the neck and shoulders, upper and lower back, or lower body. 

It also comes equipped with the popular 3D body scan feature which will scan the user’s body in order to determine how much pressure to apply during a massage. 

Pain Relief 

Equipped with several setting options, you can adjust and tweak a massage and even combine some of the settings in order to get a custom massage that works for you. In fact, this model has a reputation for providing an intense deep tissue massage, yet it also offers a gentle, firm basic massage that’s designed to relieve tension in the muscles while promoting blood circulation in order to improve joint stiffness and relieve pain. 


Zero-gravity capability in a total body massage chair is a must. When placed in the zero-gravity position, the chair helps to reduce the pressure that’s placed on the spine and joints. Using less pressure, the rollers will accurately target the stress points in the body. This results in a more effective massage.

Massage Programs

This model comes with a total of five massage programs, which is decent for the price. The massage program options include:

  • Refresh 
  • Recover
  • Extend 
  • Relax 
  • Shiatsu 

Obviously, the refresh program is designed to leave you feeling totally refreshed after your massage. This massage uses a moderate amount of pressure and focuses on repeatedly working on muscles all over the body, providing the type of total body massage that really can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The recover massage is designed for use after an intense weight lifting or training session. This massage program uses a mild to moderate amount of pressure and helps to reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles, while also improving circulation. The goal of this massage is to help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness, which normally occurs the day after a tough work out.

The extend massage is similar to a stretch massage and helps to soothe tension in the muscles, while the relax massage uses a firmer amount of pressure in order to reduce tension and muscle soreness that comes with a long day at the office.

The shiatsu massage uses the highest level of intensity and is designed to dig down deep into muscle tissue, working out knots and relieving muscle soreness. Many people have reported feeling increased discomfort during and immediately after this massage. Yet, the day after the massage they also noted that the muscle pain and soreness they were experiencing prior to the massage was gone.

The chair also comes with a remote control panel that’s attached to the chair, so you can easily adjust the chair’s settings with the push of a button, repeat a massage session, or even choose a specific massage technique. 

Heat Technology 

Heat is emitted via the lower portion of the backrest, providing a lower lumbar heat therapy treatment. This feature is perfect if you want to fully recline and enjoy the many benefits that come with heat therapy including increased circulation, and pain relief. Unfortunately, the chair doesn’t offer a heat therapy feature for the lower portion of the chair, which can be a drawback for some users. 

If you’re looking for a chair that provides all over heat therapy treatment, click here to read our massage chair buyer’s guide. Our guide also includes reviews of several leading massage chairs. 


This model arrives almost fully assembled, which is a plus for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a lengthy, complicated assembly process. All you’ll have to do is attach the footrest and you’re done.

The chair offers several customization options when it comes to massage motions, which makes it perfect for every family member in the home. You can also customize your massages and include a combination of the techniques. This is a great feature you won’t commonly find on massage chairs and it’s one that really made this model stand out. 

However, keep in mind, if you have a low tolerance for pain, some buyers noted that the shiatsu massage function was pretty intense. Of course, shiatsu massages are deep tissue massages, so you can expect to feel some pain and discomfort during treatment. Yet, the next day you’ll wake up feeling totally refreshed. Ultimately, that type of deep tissue massage may be exactly what you need to work out stubborn knots in your upper and lower back. 

Since you can set the rollers at different pressure levels, if you feel that the shiatsu massage is too intense you should refrain from placing the chair in the zero-gravity position and switch the roller setting to the lowest option. 


  • Comes with a total of five massage programs
  • Features a variety of massage techniques 
  • Highly customizable treatment 
  • 3D scan technology


  • Heat therapy is only available via the lower portion of the backrest 
  • The legs and arms of the chair do not vibrate


This chair is one of the best-valued massage chairs you’ll find. It may not come with as many massage programs as a higher priced model, but the programs it does offer are top notch.

This zero-gravity shiatsu massage chair can do it all. It’s priced affordably and offers several customization options, so you can fine-tune each massage treatment based on your needs. The five included massage programs are thirty minutes in length and can give you a total body massage that helps to reduce pain and increase circulation. This multitasking model is a must-have if you’re looking for an affordable massage chair that won’t break the bank. We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.