Best Massage Chairs

Ultimate Guide To Massage Chairs – We Rank The Top 10

The best massage chair is the closest you can get to having a live-in massage therapist. I used to have to see a massage therapist and a chiropractor multiple times a month for chronic neck and back pain. Then I bought a massage chair and actually saved money in the long run in saved visits to these health professionals.

Whether you need a new massage chair to help work out the kinks in your back or rub your feet after a long day at work, or you’re dealing with a serious medical issue such as arthritis and you’re in dire need of a daily massage, we’re confident that you’ll find the best massage chair for you in our top ten list. 

Each of these chairs excels in a certain area, whether you’re pregnant and in need of back pain relief, or you stand on your feet ten hours a day at work, we’ve got a chair for that. 

Why You Need A Massage Chair

A massage isn’t just a luxury, for many people, it’s a necessity, especially if you have a job that’s physically demanding. Studies have shown that regular massages can significantly minimize a person’s risk of on the job injuries caused by muscle fatigue and strains. It can also help to reduce pressure on the spine and joints, helps to treat mild edema, and can even work to lower your blood pressure. 

We’ll cover more on the benefits of massages later in our buyer’s guide, but if your uncertainty as to whether or not you really need a massage chair is holding you back, think of it as another way to take care of your body. 

Which Massage Chair To Get?

You know you need a new massage chair badly, but you don’t know where to start. We’ve included a buyer’s guide that will go over the many benefits massage chairs have to offer, how a daily massage can help, and more importantly, we provide information on what to look for in your new chair. 

These days, massage chairs are pretty high-tech. They feature intuitive massage techniques designed to mimic the real deal, and they also come loaded with great features such as 3D scan, which will actually scan your body and adjust the massage rollers based on your weight and size. This means several members of the family can use the chair and the chair will adjust each massage to accommodate the new user. 

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They also allow you to adjust certain aspects of a massage. As an example, if you’re suffering from lower lumbar pain, you can just press a button and the rollers will remain in the lumbar area until you push the button again to allow the rollers to move on. 

These new and innovative features do an excellent job of mimicking a massage given by a real masseuse. In fact, once you purchase one of these new massage chairs, you’ll have no reason to pay for costly massages every week. 

Finding the Leading Models

Price, features, programs, and size are the main areas buyers tend to focus on when shopping for a massage chair. 

Additionally, many of these chairs now come with pre-programmed massages, each of which offers their own benefits. Some models are specifically designed for relief after an intense workout or a day on the golf course. Others provide gentle relaxing massages for pregnant women or arthritis sufferers. The possibilities are really endless so there’s no reason you can’t find the perfect model that can provide the type of massage you need and want. 

We compared top models head to head, in order to narrow down our choices for the top ten. And we weren’t disappointed with the results. 

Now, we’ll begin our journey by going over a brief summary of each model. These chairs have been split into several categories in order to make it easier for you to choose the right chair based on style, type, and performance.

We’ll begin with the highest rated model in our lineup, the Kahuna 7300 Superior massage chair. 

This chair has quite the reputation in terms of quality, versatility, and performance. While it may come with a steep price tag, it more than makes up for the price with its variety of preset massages, hand and finger-like rollers, and the incredibly comfortable design that will make sharing this chair with other members of the family a real struggle.

The Best of the Best

Need a massage chair that’s affordable, but loaded with different types of massage techniques, styles, and features? Out of the hundreds of massage chairs on the market, we found the three leading models that are totally dominating the market. 

These chairs allow you to customize your massage, which means more than one member of the family can enjoy an effective massage that will reduce pain and stiffness, improves mobility, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. 

1st Place- Kahuna 7300 Superior Massage Chair

If you didn’t already know, Kahuna is one of the most popular massage chair manufacturers in the industry. They feature a wide range of massage chair styles, but by far, their line of zero gravity chairs are their biggest sellers. 

The 7300 Superior massage chair, by Kahuna, is, in fact, superior. This model is best described as the Cadillac of massage chairs. This zero-gravity model comes with the patented Kahuna space-saving design that requires just three inches of clearance for the back area, which means even those of you who live in apartments or small homes can enjoy a massive massage chair that has it all. 

This model comes with the 3D scan feature that scans the body and adjusts the chair’s roller system based on the user’s weight and height. So, you’ll be sure to get a custom massage that’s effective. 

If that’s not enough, the chair also can accommodate taller users, up to six feet, five inches tall, weighing over three hundred pounds. 

For the ultimate massage, you can also fine-tune each session using the included controls to adjust the position of the rollers manually. These controls will allow you to make changes to the roller’s massage field and the width.

2nd Place- Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

A massage chair that’s best described as deluxe, the Novo offers some of the best massage techniques and programs on the market. 

The Novo XT by Human Touch is incredibly versatile and can accommodate users ranging from just five feet tall, up to six feet, nine inches tall. It’s also loaded with some great features and allows you to choose from a variety of massage intensity levels, a feature you won’t find on other models in this price range. 

The chair uses four roller balls, 3D roller depth adjustment, and the popular L-track roller system. You can use the included remote to quickly adjust the intensity of a massage, and activate other features, choosing from thirty-four massage programs. 

The chair also comes with the 3D body scan feature for the perfect massage and a timer that allows you to set the length of each session. 

The full body stretch mode is one of the most popular massage features this chair has to offer. It will expertly stretch out your back for immediate relief. Many users have claimed the massage offers an experience that’s similar to a visit to a chiropractor, which makes this chair a great choice for anyone struggling with ongoing back pain, joint pain, and stiffness. 

 3rd Place- Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D L-Track Massage Chair 

Osaki has made it to our top ten list again with their model the OS Pro. The chair comes with both the S and L-track system that’s designed to provide a more intense, human-like massage. 

The chair’s 3D massage allows the rollers to extend for a wider, deeper massage that will work out those stubborn knots in your back. 

If you’re looking for a massage chair that can do it all, then you’ll also be happy to learn that the chair features a foot and calf roller system that includes spinning foot rollers placed on the footrest and along the calves, for an effective lower body massage that will be perfect after a tough workout. 

The chair’s space-saving design is also worth mentioning. This model only requires three-inches of clearance behind the backrest. The chair will slide forward when reclined and won’t take up much space, even in the fully reclined position. 

The chair offers six massage programs. These programs will cater to all your needs, whether you need a massage after a workout, an intense massage that can rub out tight knots, or a relaxing massage that will help you sleep better at night

You can also choose the neck and shoulder massage. This is a twenty-minute massage that specifically targets the shoulder and neck for instant pain relief. 

Top Luxury Massage Chair

What do we mean when we say luxury? These are often the massage chairs that come equipped with the most features, programs, and massage options. They’re also often the most comfortable, easy to use, and versatile. 

Out of all the massage chairs on the market, the Infinity Altera massage chair easily takes the cake in terms of comfort.

If you’re looking for a massage chair that makes you feel like you just saw your masseuse, then this model by Infinity is it. 

Infinity IT-8500 X3 – Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair

The Altera by Infinity features an innovative track system that involves roller extension for a more intense, deep tissue massage. If that’s not enough, it also has a space-saving design that’s perfect for any home that’s tight on space. This chair works by pivoting on the base and doesn’t require the standard twelve inches of clearance like your ordinary recliner does. This chair only needs a mere three inches. 

The body scan feature is pretty standard with most high-end models and it’s the latest in massage chair tech. Want a perfect, customized massage that’s tailored to your body? The chair will automatically scan your body each time you sit in the chair and adjust the rollers accordingly. This ensures that each of the rollers hit important pressure points, resulting in a more effective massage. 

The chair also includes a zero-gravity position. If you’ve done your homework, then you know this position not only offers some important health benefits but by pressing your back firmly against the chair’s backrest, you’ll get a more effective massage to boot. 

Top-Rated Choice for Neck and Shoulders

Many chairs on the market focus on total body massages, but if you spend most of the day at a desk, hunched over your computer, or you tend to carry a lot of tension in your shoulders and neck, then you want a chair that specializes in these areas and offers a variety of massage techniques to choose from. After reviewing several massage chairs in search of a model that can do it all, we found the Osaki Japan Premium massage chair, one of the most versatile massage chairs on the market.

Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

Osaki Japan Premium

You don’t have to have a physically demanding job to require a massage after work. In fact, most people with desk jobs tend to hold a lot of tension in their neck and shoulders. This can lead to intense pain after a long eight or ten-hour day at the office. Fortunately, this Osaki massage chair specializes in neck and shoulder massages. 

Not only does it excel at upper body massage, it also comes with the Osaki patented ball system, in addition to forty rollers for a shoulder and neck massage that offers a very realistic feel. 

You can also choose between basic and advanced programs, for a total body massage that will leave you sore right after and totally refreshed the next morning. 

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a chair that can provide some relief after a long day at work, the Japan Premium is the perfect fit. 

Best Shiatsu Massage Chair- Full Body Zero Gravity 06C Shiatsu Massage Chair 

If you can’t decide on whether to get a shiatsu massage chair or a zero-gravity massage chair, Best Massage has the answer. 

Considering the chair’s versatility, it’s a great choice in homes with more than one massage lover. 

This chair isn’t just the leading shiatsu massage chair on the market, it’s also a killer zero-gravity chair to boot. Fully loaded, versatile, highly adjustable, and loaded with all the goodies you could ever want in a massage chair, you’ll look forward to heading home every night after work to get one of the best massages in town. 

This chair is that good. 

It comes with adjustable massage features, intuitive controls, and a heavily padded seat and backrest that are the ultimate in luxury. 

This multipurpose massage chair also comes with 3D body scan technology, which scans the user’s body in order to determine weight and size. It then adjusts the chair’s rollers accordingly, so you and your family members will be sure to get a relaxing and effective massage. 

Best Massage Chair For Pregnant Women as Rated by Expectant Moms 

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through a number of changes. During this time, you’ll find that upper back pain and joint pain comes and goes. You can also expect swelling in the lower extremities, trouble sleeping, restless legs, and a stiff neck and shoulders. The best massage chair for pregnant women can help to alleviate pain, naturally. We searched high and low for a chair that not only offered a variety of massage features that target these areas and issues, but we also found a model that’s considered safe to use during pregnancy. 

Top Massage Chair for Pregnant Women- Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair

Brio Massage Chair

When a woman is expecting, at the end of the day she’s going to need a massage chair that’s gentle, yet effective. One that can help with lower and upper back pain, swollen ankles, and tired feet. This model by Positive Posture is the perfect chair for the job. Reliable, versatile, and loaded with some great massage options, the mother to be will instantly fall in love with the features this chair has to offer. 

The chair is highly adjustable and allows the user to control the massage intensity level, making it perfect for expectant mothers. The massage rollers offer a very human-like touch and can provide a total body massage with just the press of a button. 

Of course, the best massage chair wouldn’t be complete without the body scan feature. 3D body scan technology is a must if more than one family member in the home plans to use the chair. Since the feature adjusts the rollers to conform to your specific body type, you can look forward to a more effective massage. 

Other important features include the highly rated foot roller system and heat therapy. Heat therapy is crucial if you’re constantly struggling with lower back pain. The only downside to this feature is the inability to choose a temperature setting. 

Highest Rated Full Body Massage Chair 

Most massage chairs mainly offer massage options for the backrest. They may throw in a basic roller or airbag system for the feet, and that’s about it. Many of these chairs market themselves as full body massage chairs when they really aren’t. A true full body massage chair offers the same amount of massage options for both the upper and lower body. 

We made it our goal to find a total body massage chair that can really deliver, and the Best Massage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage stole the show. 

Total Body Massage Chair Top Choice- Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This chair offers the best full body massage on the market, equally soothing sore tired muscles in the lower and upper body. This chair by Best Massage includes the popular zero gravity position and features a top of the line shiatsu massage feature that will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated the next morning. It comes with a total of five massage programs, not to mention massages that are specifically designed for after workout use. A budget-friendly model that won’t hit your wallet too hard, this multitasking model includes all the essential massage techniques and programs you’ll need in order to enjoy an effective, refreshing massage in the comfort of your own home, whenever the mood strikes you. 

Best Zero Gravity Chair for Home Massages

Nasa created the zero-gravity position in order to minimize the amount of pressure that’s applied to the spine of astronauts during a launch. These days, massage chair manufacturers have begun to include this technology in their leading massage chairs in order to help buyers who are suffering from chronic back pain. 

The zero-gravity position will eliminate the pressure applied to the vertebrae and the spine by natural gravity. Instead, this force is evenly spread across the body. This is accomplished by elevating the legs above the heart and reclining the backrest. Once the body and spine are in the zero gravity position the lower and upper back can fully relax. This positions also allows for a more effective massage since the body is pressed up against the airbag systems and rollers. 

When the body is placed in this extreme reclined position, the lungs will also be able to expand fully due to the decreased pressure placed on the diaphragm. Breathing deeper can help to increase lung function and oxygenates the blood over time. 

In this position the heart can also pump blood more efficiently since it’s working with gravity, pumping the blood horizontally instead of vertically. The result is improved circulation which helps to oxygenate the blood in addition to transporting the blood where it needs to go easily and at a faster rate. 

As you can see, this type of massage chair can offer a wide range of health benefits. Finding the best zero gravity chair on the market wasn’t exactly easy. In fact, most massage chair manufacturers now produce several models of zero gravity chairs, which made the task even harder. 

We reviewed several chairs that received positive buyer feedback and finally found the Kahuna Massage Chair Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Recliner LM6800. This chair is loaded with great features, but it also has a reputation for comfort and provides a variety of massage program options. Did we mention it’s also a steal for the price?

Top Zero Gravity Massage Chair-Kahuna Massage Chair Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Recliner LM6800

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 

If you’ve never sat in a Kahuna massage chair, then you’ve been missing out. This is the ultimate zero gravity massage recliner and it’s loaded with some great features that allow you to truly customize your massage. As you know, the zero-gravity position provides many health benefits, but this model by Kahuna goes one step beyond by offering a total of three zero-gravity positions to choose from. 

If you don’t have much space to work with in the home, don’t worry. This model features an innovative space-saving design that only requires a few inches of clearance behind the recliner, which is more than a little impressive. 

The popular L track system works to increase the effectiveness of each massage by supporting the entire body. Basically, this is a chair that makes every massage really count. 

If that’s not enough it offers some of the top massage features on the market as well, so you can experiment with the six available massage programs and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

If you can’t afford the high weekly cost of getting a professional massage, this chair by Kahuna is the next best thing. 

Top Portable Massage Chair

A portable massage chair isn’t quite like the feature-packed models that cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, these chairs are often lightweight, easy to transport, and don’t come with any fancy features. However, they’re still the perfect option if you work as a massage therapist or enjoy a natural massage in the comfort of your home. We found an affordable model that made its way onto our top ten list. This chair is the epitome of portable and it comes heavily padded to boot. 

Best Portable Massage Chair

Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair

A massage chair recliner can take up a lot of precious floor space. But if you love a good massage, the people at Earthlite have the perfect solution for you. 

The Vortex massage chair by Earthlite is the top portable model on the market, and it’s available at a reasonable price. The chair really shines in terms of portability and comfort. The frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum, with extra-thick padding that’s supportive, soft, and added on all the right places. 

The chair offers a modern look that will blend in well with your home décor if you decide to leave it out. But it also offers that same type of clean, simplistic look that the professional masseuse is looking for. 

If you don’t have much space to work with in your home and you’re looking for a foldable massage chair that you can easily store in the hall closet, then look no further. 

This chair is a great buy for the pro masseuse or for anyone who enjoys a traditional massage in the comfort of their own home. 

l use dedicated rollers for this, while others will use an airbag system. By far, airbags are the most common and they can provide a wonderful massage by applying pressure on the calves and feet, usually sequentially. 

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Final Thoughts

We hope our reviews of the best massage chairs has helped you to choose a model that will work for you, your massage needs, your home, and your budget.