The Best Massage Chair for a Short Person

best massage chair for short person

If you’re shorter than average and looking for a new massage chair, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over the features and models to check out that are designed to fit your stature and ensure you enjoy the full benefits a massage chair has to offer. Finding the right massage chair can be a challenge when you’re short since many chairs are designed for people of average height. If you’re short then you may not be able to use many of the features a massage chair offers, especially when it comes to lower body massage.

If you’re looking for a massage chair for short person, the first step is finding a chair that offers the body scan feature. This feature will automatically adjust the chair’s rollers in order to accommodate your height and weight. Next, pay close attention to a chair’s dimensions. Most chairs can accommodate an average sized person or slightly smaller. You should also check out a massage chair’s track system. L track systems are more versatile and have a better than average reach.

Newer models of massage chairs are much different than the bulky massage chairs of the past. These days, chairs feature innovative roller systems and massage programs that are designed for users of all sizes, allowing each family member to enjoy their own custom massage. Read on to learn what features to look for in a versatile massage chair that will work for every member of the family.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Fortunately, most high-end massage chairs feature new technology that allows the chairs to work for users of all sizes. In terms of height, many of these chairs will be effective for shorter users. This is due to a chair’s body scan technology, more powerful, flexible roller systems, and the variety of controls and massage programs to choose from. If you’re not sure whether or not a chair you’re interested in will work for you, read massage chair reviews or contact the manufacturer. Often, customer service reps can help you to determine whether or not a chair is equipped with the right features to provide an effective massage, based on your size.

Why The Body Scan Feature is So Important

Are you the only short person in the home? Do other family members also plan on using the massage chair? If so, then you’ll need a massage chair with the body scan feature.

Body scan is a feature that you’ll commonly find on higher-end chairs. This feature scans your entire body prior to a massage and is designed to get a read on your height, any tight muscles spots, and your weight. This feature is primarily used in order to provide a more custom massage. So, if you’re shorter than other members of the family, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a more compact massage chair that can meet your needs.

A Custom Massage for Shorter Users

A Custom Massage for Shorter Users

This feature can be set to automatic or manual. If set to automatic, the chair will quickly scan the user’s body, once the built-in sensors have detected that someone is sitting in the chair. What’s even more interesting is the fact that each person will enjoy a different massage every time they use the chair, if they’re experiencing muscle tension or soreness in a new area of the body.

As an example, if you spent the night tossing and turning due to a particularly intense workout, in the morning, the scan feature will scan your body and provide a massage based on the condition of the musculature in the body. As you can see, this feature helps to provide a very personalized massage that can vary from day to day. The development of this feature just further adds to a massage’s effectiveness and allows multiple people in the home to enjoy the same chair. While there currently isn’t a type of technology that can truly mimic the feel of a trained massage therapist’s hands, this scan feature brings massage technology one step closer.

Additionally, the fact that the chair will scan the body and adjust the chair’s roller systems based on the user’s weight and height makes this feature a must-have for shorter people who are not able to use larger chairs with a generic 2D roller system. To learn more about the differences in massage chair technology, click here to read my article on 3D vs 4D massage chairs.

Check A Chair’s Dimensions

Obviously, if you’re the only person in the home that’s going to use the massage chair, then you can go ahead and choose a massage chair that features the smallest dimensions possible in order to accommodate your shorter stature. Many massage chairs are pretty versatile and come equipped with innovative roller systems that can handle users of all sizes, which is a huge plus for taller and shorter users alike.

Roller System Style Matters

A massage chair’s roller system is what will provide the kneading, rolling, and tapping movements you’ll feel during a massage. Some systems are better than others and have a longer and deeper reach that’s designed to provide a more realistic, effective massage. L track massage systems are said to have a further reach, so they’re perfect for users of all sizes. The S style track systems aren’t quite as versatile, but for shorter users, this system will work well.

Each type of roller system consists of an engine that moves the rollers, one or two roller arms, a track, and roller balls.  The ball unit is located at the end of each of the arms, while the arms are attached to the track. The balls can come in a two or four ball design. The dual roller system provides two rollers that run up and down each side of the spine. As the roller balls move up and down they carefully work on sore and tender muscles in this area.

In the past, older massage roller technology only allowed each of the balls to move at the same time as the other ball, using an equal amount of pressure on each side. Newer massage chairs come equipped with balls on each side of the spine that are able to move independently using different levels of pressure depending on how tight or relaxed the muscles are.

Massage chairs with this type of roller technology are perfect for shorter users since these systems are very versatile and able to focus specifically on muscle tightness as opposed to older massage chair roller systems that offered a generic, mechanical massage without the use of this type of smart technology. If you’re shorter, then a chair this intuitive and sensitive is a must.

The Quad Roller Design for Shorter Users

Most users have found that chairs with a dual roller system tend to offer more intense massages, since the roller design allows the balls to press deeper into the skin. With the quad roller design, you’ll enjoy a ball design that’s broader and lighter. While you may think that the quad roller system should provide a more intense massage, the dual setup tends to dig a little deeper into the muscles. The force that transmits from the roller systems arm onto the balls and into the muscles is equally dispersed among the balls. A system with more balls equals a better dispersion of force among the balls. Fewer balls equal less dispersion of force, resulting in all of the energy transmitting into just two balls instead of four. This is why systems with a dual setup are able to provide a more aggressive massage. So, if you’re shorter than average and prefer a deeper massage, then you may want to check out chairs with the dual roller system. These are often found on 4D chairs, while the quad systems are usually found on 3D chairs.

In terms of height, shorter massage chair users often turn to 4D chairs because these chairs offer a more custom massage. 3D chairs can also provide an effective massage, but considering these chairs are usually equipped with an S track system, the massage programs and adjustability is somewhat limited.

Which Massage Chair is the Best Option for Shorter People?

which massage chair is the best option for short people

The Infinity Altera is one of the leading massage chairs on the market and it’s a great option if you’re shorter than average. This highly adjustable chair comes with the popular L track option. There are also a couple of zero gravity positions to choose from, not to mention a wide range of massage programs. Unlike competing models, this chair features firm padding that will prevent the user from sinking into the chair. The firmer padding means a more effective massage because it allows the roller system to penetrate the muscles on a deeper level.

Related Questions

How Long Do Massage Chairs Last?

How long a chair lasts can depend on the overall quality of the chair and how frequently you use the chair. Usually, more mid-range chairs will last around five years, while high-end chairs will have an average lifespan of ten years or more. If you’re not sure how long the chair you’re interested in is designed to last, check the product’s warranty. This will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of chair longevity.

Can Massage Chairs Help to Treat Chronic Pain?

Yes. High-quality massage chairs can help to treat chronic pain, thanks to their massage versatility and adjustable roller systems. These chairs can help to target painful areas, working to minimize inflammation and pain. However, a massage chair may not be able to take the place of prescribed medication, yet it can help to improve the effectiveness of medication, with ongoing use. If you have chronic pain, speak with your physician prior to purchasing a massage chair to make sure the use of which will not aggravate your condition. In most cases, physicians will recommend a massage chair as part of a pain management treatment plan. To learn more, click here to read my article on can massage chairs cause injury?

Why are Massage Chairs Good?

Massage chairs are good for a number of reasons. First, the can reduce the amount of pressure that’s placed on the nerves that surround the spine. Did you know that major nerves run through the vertebrae? A massage chair is great for spine health because it helps the spine to remain in a horizontal position, promoting relaxation. As the spine slowly lengthens and relaxes each of the vertebrae will be positioned in their natural alignment. This, in turn, takes a significant amount of pressure off the nerves. A massage chair can also help to relax the muscles allowing you to use proper posture. Typically, a person will use poor posture due to tension in the muscles. A massage can help to reduce tension and pain in the muscles and allow a person to sit or stand up taller. Another reason people purchase massage chairs is the fact that regular use can help to relieve stress and anxiety. A soothing massage can help you unwind after a long day at the office, working to naturally reduce stress and elevate mood. To learn more about massage chairs, click here to check out the massage chair buyer’s guide.

Final Thoughts

The right massage chair for short person is a tech heavy model that is equipped with the popular body scan feature. This feature will adjust the track system accordingly, based on the user’s height and weight. This means you’ll enjoy a custom massage each and every time. Before you purchase a chair, make sure it offers this feature, pay attention to the chair’s dimensions to ensure it’s not specifically designed for larger users, and purchase a chair with an L track system, which can provide an intense massage for users of all sizes. Of course, there are also many versatile massage chairs out there that can cater to users of all sizes, which will be a better option if you’re searching for a massage chair that the whole family can use.

The Best Massage Chair for a Short Person
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The Best Massage Chair for a Short Person
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