Are Massage Chairs Good for You

Are Massage Chairs Good for You: The Health Boosting Benefits

Many people buy massage chairs for the simple luxury of enjoying a relaxing massage at the end of a long day. Others buy massage chairs because of chronic pain issues since massage chairs offer an effective, medication-free way to manage pain.

But you don’t have to be a chronic pain sufferer to own a massage chair. In fact, if you’re wondering are massage chairs effective, then you’ll be glad to know that regular massage chair use comes with a wide range of health benefits, aside from its ability to provide immediate pain relief.

Are massage chairs effective? Yes. If you’re not familiar with massage chairs, then you may not realize the wide range of health benefits they offer. Just like a traditional massage from a massage therapist, a massage chair can:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help the body remove built-up toxins
  • Naturally reduce pain
  • Reduce tension in the muscles
  • Manipulate the muscles to remove stubborn knots
  • Elevate mood
  • Naturally reduce anxiety and stress
  • Promote a better night’s rest.

Massage chairs aren’t just designed to help you relax. They can actually be used as an effective pain management tool, one that’s easily accessible and a much healthier, safer option than harmful prescription pain medication.

Now that you know more about the health benefits associated with massage chair use, let’s dig a little deeper and learn just how a massage chair can positively impact your life by providing relief when you need it the most.

Back Health

Massages at your local spa or at your massage therapist’s office can cost hundreds of dollars a month, depending on how often you seek treatment. Not everyone who gets a massage does so in order to manage chronic back pain. Some people simply need a massage to help them relax after an especially taxing week. They can also provide a wide range of health benefits that can help to improve your mood, relieve tension in the muscles, and leave you feeling naturally energized.

A healthy back can mean everything if you have a physically demanding job. But even a minor back injury can be uncomfortable, debilitating, and inconvenient.

Mild to severe back pain can be caused by poor posture, built up tension, overexertion, or injury. Taking extra steps to take care of your back daily can be a great way to prevent back problems in the future.

Spine alignment is especially important. The spine is what supports the entire body. Once the spine is out of alignment, chronic back issues can occur. This misalignment can result in extra pressure placed on the nerves, which can lead to temporary or even permanent damage, in some cases.

Using a massage chair once a day can help to provide your back with the support it needs after a day of stress. Regular use can also cause the spine to lengthen by easing tension in the muscles along the spine. This will allow the vertebrae to fall back into their original position.

Poor Posture

Poor Posture

Many of us are guilty of using poor posture. Whether you slouch at your desk or you walk with a hunched back and slouching shoulders, using poor posture can place undue stress on the spine. It can also cause severe muscle tension and knots. In chronic pain sufferers, poor posture is often a result of walking or sitting in an unusual manner in order to avoid pain. However, in the long run, this change in your posture can do more harm than good.

Many times, bad posture results from a person trying to avoid pain in other areas of their body while sitting. Unfortunately, this does more harm than good.

If you’re guilty of using poor posture, then a massage chair can help. While it may not seem like using poor posture can have a major impact on back health, it definitely can and it’s often responsible for those sore tense muscles that keep you up at night. Regular use of a massage chair may not help to improve your posture, but it can help to work the knots and tension out of your upper and lower back. Just one twenty minute session a day can help to reduce pain while promoting a better night’s rest.

How Massage can Improve Circulation

If you’ve ever had a professional massage, then you already know that a good massage can help to improve blood circulation. This, in turn, helps to remove toxins and waste from the body. Improved circulation can also be important if you’re recovering from an injury since improved blood flow can speed up the healing process. Additionally, improved circulation means that blood is able to carry important nutrients and oxygen to other systems and organs in the body.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be extremely debilitating. Chronic conditions such as sciatica can leave you off your feet for days or weeks at a time, without proper treatment. For this purpose, a total body massage chair can provide relief, help to reduce swelling and inflammation, and can work to minimize pain and other symptoms related to sciatica.

A regular massage can help to relieve this type of pain and muscle tension, removing pressure from the nerves along the spine.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is among the most common complaints people with physically demanding jobs have. But even if you sit behind a desk all day you can still suffer from ongoing back pain and tension.

Upper or lower back pain can affect your productivity at work, it can prevent you from working out, cleaning the house, or even enjoying activities you normally love. With regular use, a massage chair can help to reduce pain and ease muscle tension in your upper and lower back. It can also help to naturally strengthen the muscles and keep them pliable, which can significantly decrease the chance of muscle strain in the future.

Spinal Disc Compression

This is one of the most common back issues, and it’s the main reason why most people suffer from chronic back pain. A massage chair’s roller or airbag system can help to reduce the amount of pressure that’s placed on the spine.

It can also help to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation, which will result in a decrease in pain. Doctors commonly recommend massage to patients with a herniated disc because it can be an effective alternative to addictive pain medication.

Zero gravity chairs are often recommended to patients with a herniated disc because the zero gravity position removes pressure off the spine. When combined with a Shiatsu massage, a home massage chair can be an effective way to combat chronic pain.

A Natural Way to Reduce Stress

Many people turn to massages as a way to naturally reduce stress, elevate the mood, and reduce anxiety.

No one can argue that a massage can be very relaxing. In fact, it can be a great way to get rid of stress, naturally. As the chair’s roller system works the tension out of your muscles, you’ll find yourself begin to slowly relax. Many people have reported that regular massages throughout the week can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms associated with depression.

A Better Night’s Rest

A Better Night’s Rest

After leg day at the gym, or pulling a double shift at work, you may have trouble falling asleep at night, despite the fact that you’re exhausted.

Sore, tense muscles or a herniated disc are common reasons why many people have trouble sleeping at night. A massage right before bedtime may be just what you need to sleep better a night. Not only can a massage help to ease your pain, but it can also promote relaxation, allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

How Vibrating Massage Can Help

Many massage chairs include a vibrating massage feature that’s designed to help improve circulation. Most chairs will either offer a localized vibrating massage or one whole body vibrating massage program. The use of vibration can cause the muscles to relax and contract.

The intensity of the vibration will determine how effective the massage is. Fortunately, most chairs will allow the user to adjust the level of intensity based on personal preference.

How the vibrations are produced can also have an impact on how this feature will affect the muscles. Some chairs will produce vibrations that go sideways, back and forth, and up and down. These are obviously the chairs that offer a total body vibration massage. In terms of localized massages, most chairs will only cater to the upper back.

Other benefits of a vibrating massage feature include:

  • An increase in muscle mass
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced pain and inflammation

A vibrating feature can provide health benefits in terms of treating certain conditions including Parkinson’s disease, chronic muscle pain, and muscle weakness. It can also be beneficial to people with disabilities who are not able to participate in physical activities.

Related Questions

Is it Bad to Sit in a Massage Chair for a Long Time?

It can be if your body isn’t used to massages. Overusing your massage chair can cause muscle pain and stiffness. Because of this, most manufacturers recommend gradually increasing the length of a massage, as opposed to using your new massage chair for more than an hour.

Time your massage sessions in the beginning and avoid spending more than twenty minutes in the chair at a time. Over a period of weeks, you can slowly increase the length of the massage as your muscles acclimate to the airbag or roller system.

The type of pain you can experience if you overuse the massage chair is comparable to an intense workout. Remember, in order to avoid any discomfort, slowly increase the length of a massage, increasing the time by five to ten minutes each session.

Are There Compact Massage Chairs Available?

If you’ve been hesitating to buy a new massage chair because you don’t have much room to work with in the home, then you’ll love the Kahuna Massage Chair Zero-Gravity Full-Body Recliner LM6800. This chair features a space-saving design, which makes it perfect if your home can’t accommodate a traditional bulky massage chair. To learn more, click here to read my massage chair buyer’s guide.

Why are Massage Chairs so Expensive?

Not all massage chairs will cost hundreds of dollars, but total body massage chairs and models that are loaded with a wide range of massage programs do tend to come with a steeper price tag.

In the end, if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to your regular weekly massage therapy appointment, you’ll find that a massage chair will quickly pay for itself. To learn more, click here to read my article on  How To Get a Massage Chair With No Interest Financing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, massage chairs can do so much more than relieve tension in sore muscles. They can help to naturally reduce pain, improve mobility, and can even help you rest better at night. They can also treat a wide range of physical conditions and can also improve your mental health, whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, or have trouble managing your stress.

Are massage chairs effective? Yes. A regular massage can offer a wide range of benefits including reduced pain, stress, and anxiety. A massage stimulates the muscles, helping to remove built-up toxins while improving blood pressure and mobility.

There are many positive results that are associated with regular massage. If you’re not able to afford to see your massage therapist one to two times a week, then a massage chair can be the perfect investment and one you can benefit from both physically and mentally.