Are Massage Chairs Good For You?

Are Massage Chairs Good For You

A massage chair can not only help you to relax after a long day or soothe sore muscles after a workout. In fact, massage chairs can offer many health benefits that most people don’t know about. So, is massage chair good for health? They are, especially with regular use. Many people mistakenly dismiss a massage chair as a luxury, while for some people, this type of daily massage can be a necessity. We’ll go over how a daily massage can impact your health and how a massage chair can be an important tool for those searching for a natural way to manage their pain.

Is massage chair good for health? Yes, they are. But in order to reap many of the massage chair benefits, you should consider a daily massage. Massage chairs can deliver the same type of intense, deep tissue massages that athletes and chronic pain sufferers need. They can also naturally boost your mood, promote a healthy sleep pattern, and can improve immune and lymphatic health. The leading massage chairs now come with a wide range of massage programs and techniques, allowing users to customize their massage experience in order to suit their needs. With the right massage chair, you can also enjoy a massage any time of the day or night.

As you can see, using your massage chair daily can provide the type of results many people are looking for, whether it’s a better night’s rest, a safe way to treat depression or anxiety, or as a way to naturally manage chronic pain.

Managing Your Stress the Natural Way

Modern massage chairs offer a variety of massage programs ranging from gentle to deep tissue massage. This type of variety makes these chairs more versatile, providing massage options for every member of the family. But these chairs aren’t just designed to work out knotted muscles or improve blood circulation. They can also help people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. In fact, a massage after a particularly stressful day at work can have a major positive impact on your mood. Studies have shown that regular massage can help to alleviate symptoms related to stress. A massage can help to reduce stress significantly on both psychological and physical levels, reducing the production of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

Reduces Tension in the Muscles

Reduces Tension in the Muscles

We’ve all had trouble relaxing after a long workout, or sleeping after an injury. A massage chair can help to work stubborn knots out of muscles and reduce tension. When we overexert our muscles, these muscles tend to become stiff and sore. These are signals sent from the brain that tell us we need to take it easy. Essentially, our body is saying we need a break. A massage chair can provide the type of TLC your muscles need after a tough day, a long workout, or a serious muscle strain. Many massage chair manufacturers now produce deep tissue style massage chairs such as the popular Best Massage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair 06C, which specializes in a variety of deep tissue massage techniques.

Improved Circulation

Like a traditional massage from a masseuse, a massage chair massage can help to improve blood circulation. This is important for people with low blood pressure and other health-related conditions. Improved blood circulation can help the heart to pump blood more efficiently while removing toxins from the body.

Massage chairs use a variety of techniques that are designed to get your blood flowing such as gripping, tapping, kneading, and rolling. These techniques combined with a vibrating feature and the chair’s roller system will promote improved blood flow. Aside from eliminating toxins from the body, improved circulation can also speed up the body’s recovery process, which is essential if you’re recovering from an injury or serious muscle strain.

Immune Health

A massage can also stimulate lymphocyte production. These are the white blood cells that are responsible for immune response and they defend the body against sickness and disease. Studies have shown that just one forty-five minute massage a week can significantly boost the production of these important blood cells.

Lymphatic Health

The lymphatic system is a drainage network that’s responsible for fluid balance. It also defends the body against infections. Unlike blood, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump that allows it to move freely through the body. Instead, it’s only able to move through the body when our muscles contract and when we breathe. Because of this, people who are inactive tend to have built up lymphatic fluid. This can result in inflammation.

How Massages Handle Inflammation in the Body

Reclining the body, combined with a massage program allows the lymphatic fluid to easily move throughout the body, combating disease and reducing inflammation.



Another benefit that comes with regular massage chair use is an increase in flexibility. Daily massages can help to prevent a decrease in flexibility that’s caused by a trigger point. People that suffer from trigger points and spasming muscles will find relief with regular massages. Over time, these tense areas and knotted muscles will loosen up.  This condition is usually caused by strenuous exercise and overexertion, which can lead to a change in range of motion, not to mention sore muscles.

Pain Management

Whether you need a massage to treat a slipped disc or rub out knotted muscles, a massage chair can help. They can also help to treat shoulder and neck pain, relieve body aches and pain associated with migraines. Studies have shown that regular massage can reduce cortisol levels while naturally boosting the body’s serotonin levels by as much as twenty-eight percent. The reduction in cortisol levels and the increase in serotonin production can allow the body to easily manage pain. Massage chairs are usually purchased by chronic pain sufferers who are searching for a way to manage pain naturally. Most types of massage chairs can provide some type of pain relief, however, specialized massage chairs can take it to a whole new level, offering heat therapy and deep tissue massage.

These chairs can also be a more affordable alternative to expensive physical therapy and massage therapy sessions.

Spine Alignment

Massage chairs that fully recline or zero gravity chairs can promote spine alignment while reducing the pressure that’s placed on the spine and the nerves that surround the spine.

Relaxation to Lower High Blood Pressure

When you’re relaxed, your blood pressure will naturally lower. The effects of a massage on blood pressure are similar to that of a low-impact workout. The heart rate is slow and steady as the blood pressure lowers.

How A Massage Chair Can Boost Your Mood

One of the most important benefits of a daily massage aside from natural pain management is its ability to elevate mood. If you’re struggling with depression, a massage can release endorphins, working to instantly elevate your mood. It can also improve the production of both serotonin and dopamine.

Sleep Better at Night

A daily massage can do wonders in terms of how well you sleep at night. Regular massage can improve sleep and reduce morning fatigue. Studies have shown that regular massage can increase delta waves, which are the brain waves that are connected to deep sleep.

Sleep Better at Night

Related Questions

How Often Should I use My Massage Chair?

This will depend on why you purchased the chair in the first place. Do you work out and suffer from sore muscles hours or days after an intense workout? Then a massage immediately following a workout is recommended. If you have chronic neck or back pain, you should use the chair whenever you have trouble managing your pain level. To improve circulation or lower blood pressure, a daily twenty-minute massage is recommended. In most cases, you can use a massage chair daily, as long as the roller system does not cause muscle soreness or tenderness. If you’re new to massage, start off with a gentle massage program on the lowest setting.

Are Massage Chairs Dangerous?

Massage chairs are perfectly safe when used correctly. The only real concern here is muscle soreness. When you first bring home a massage chair, you may be tempted to spend an hour relaxing and playing around with the massage programs and features. But this is usually a big mistake. Because your muscles aren’t used to the massage chair’s roller system, overuse of your new chair can often lead to sore muscles the next day. In order to avoid this, start off with just a twenty-minute massage session during the first two weeks. After this period, you can gradually increase the length of your massage.

If you have a preexisting condition, such as a herniated disc or an injury, speak with your physician prior to purchasing a massage chair. In some cases, a regular massage can aggravate an injury or condition. In most cases, a physician will encourage massage chair use. However, your doctor may also recommend how often you should use the chair, in addition to the length of the massage sessions.

Are Massage Chairs Good for Circulation?

Yes. Massages stimulate blood flow, helping to improve blood circulation while also removing harmful toxins from the body. Often, people with poor circulation experience a variety of issues such as cold feet and hands, fluid retention in the extremities, increased fatigue, and sore muscles due to lactic acid build up. Improved circulation can bring in oxygen-rich blood to the extremities while removing toxins from the blood.

A massage promotes improved circulation because the pressure that’s created by a massage chair’s roller system actually works to move the blood through any congested areas. The release of this pressure is what allows oxygen-rich blood to move in. It also improves lymphatic fluid circulation which is what carries the metabolic waste away from internal organs and muscles. This results in improved body function and lower blood pressure.

What’s the Best Style of Massage Chair?

As the market becomes flooded with a large selection of massage chairs, choosing one that’s loaded with the right features based on your needs may seem overwhelming. Many buyers are searching for a massage chair that’s loaded with the latest tech, in terms of roller system design. Both the 3D and 4D style chairs can provide a more realistic massage, however, the 4D chairs are much more expensive compared to the 3D models. The biggest difference between the two types of roller system technologies is roller speed and the ability to pause the rollers during a program The 4D chairs allow you to control how slow or fast the rollers move. They also have a focus button that pauses a massage program and allows the rollers to remain in a certain area for a longer period of time. This massage program pause feature will come in handy if you’re dealing with sore muscles in a specific area and want the rollers to spend more time working on that area. However, if your budget is an issue, then the 3D chairs can be a better alternative. To learn more about 3D and 4D massage chairs, click here to read my article on 3D vs 4D Massage Chairs: What’s the Difference?

Final Thoughts

Is massage chair good for health? Yes. As you can see, they can have a major positive impact on many areas of your health both physically and mentally. These days, a massage chair shouldn’t be thought of as a luxury. Instead, it should be utilized as an important tool that can get you back on the road to recovery, safer and faster than some types of traditional treatments.

Regular massage chair use can boost your mood by releasing endorphins and boosting dopamine and serotonin production. Daily massages can also help to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and can even help you to sleep better a night. But not all massage chairs are created equal. Unfortunately, as more people learn about the benefits of massage chairs, massage chair manufacturers are flooding the market with low-quality models, making it difficult to choose a massage chair that comes loaded with all of the features you need. To learn how to choose a high-quality massage chair, click here to check out my buyer’s guide.

Are Massage Chairs Good For You: Top Massage Benefits
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Are Massage Chairs Good For You: Top Massage Benefits
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